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27. Aug 13

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6 Ways to Turn Your Kids Into Avid Readers

All parents want their children to be a good readers, but it can be tough to know exactly how to make it happen. Independent reading can significantly help when

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6 Tips for Single Dads With Adolescent Daughters -...

The teenage years can be tumultuous and overwhelming for girls, and difficult for their parents as well. A single father of a teenage daughter may feel

26. Aug 13

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10 of the Most Common Myths About Vegetarians « A...

For adherents, vegetarianism is often less of a dietary choice and more of a complete lifestyle, and is one that's often met by confusion, misconceptions and

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10 Best Free iPhone Apps of All Time | Longhorn Le...

The mobile device in your pocket doesn’t just allow you to send and receive calls and messages, it’s also a potential powerhouse of applications that let you stay connected, experience life to the...

23. Aug 13

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5 Signs Your Newborn is Overstimulated

Bringing a brand new baby home from the hospital is definitely a learning experience, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Learning to read the cues of a newborn isn’t always easy, and it’s...

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10 Hidden Dangers in Your Bathroom | Housekeeping

Whether it's a strictly utilitarian space or a carefully decorated and designed oasis where you unwind in a bath after a long day, your bathroom is one of the

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21 Blogs with Info You Need to Know Before Sending...

Everyone always says that your kids will grow up before you know it, but that doesn’t stop most parents from blissfully ignoring the fact that time really

22. Aug 13

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10 Ways the Duchess of Cambridge’s Labor and Del...

While high-profile pregnancies and deliveries seem to be a perpetual favorite of entertainment news outlets, few new arrivals have been surrounded by the

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Tips for Teaching Kids How to Care for Pets | Blog...

If you are going to be working as a nanny in a home with pets, it’s important that you are able to instruct the children on how to interact with pets

21. Aug 13

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15 Blogs with the Best Tips for Training Your Teen...

Thinking about teaching your teen to drive might be giving you anxiety attacks, but with some careful planning and preparation it doesn't have to. To help make


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